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Polygraph Exams

Polygraph testing, commonly called a lie detector test, is a pivotal tool in determining the truthfulness of information or statements in virtually any situation that requires knowledge of the truth.

Our exam service may clarify the truth regarding different types of suspicions, criminal allegation, or accusations of either a business or personal nature. We specialize in pre-employment background testing for Law Enforcement and other government applicants.

Individuals, families, therapists and employers use polygraph examinations to verify statements and find out the truth on a variety of issues including infidelity, drug use, addictions, sex offenses, employee theft, criminal activities, abuse and all other matters.

Local police, U.S. military branches and government agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA and Department of Defense all use polygraph examinations for applicant screenings, criminal investigations and matters of national security.

Upon completion of the examination, a verbal report will be given to the client. A written report providing a synopsis of the case information is also provided. This report includes a list of the main issues, the subject's answers, and the professional opinion of the examiner as to the subject's truthfulness or deception.

Your examiner has over 25 years of law enforcement interview & interrogation experience and received his polygraph training at the renowned Backster School of Lie Detection, an APA certified Institution.

Polygraph tests are administrated with the Lafayette LX4000--one of the most advanced computerized polygraph instruments in the world. All charts are hand scored and verified with algorithm software.U.S. Government studies have concluded that when administered by a competent examiner, the polygraph test is one of the most accurate means available to determine truth and deception.

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