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Legal Support

The act of legally notifying a person of any actions to be taken against them in a court of law.

Process serving is accomplished by handing over the documents to be served to the person being served. The procedures for doing this can depend on the state in which the action is to take place.

In California, you can serve anyone anytime of day or night at any place. In handing the documents to the person being served the document does not have to touch the servee's body (which is the case in some states) as long as the document is in plain sight.

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Uretsky Investigations has considerable experience obtaining information from witnesses.

Our step by step approach frequently gets information witnesses will not reveal on their own.

Uretsky Investigations has attended numerous interview and interrogation classes and seminars to determine if someone is telling the truth by their body language, inconsistent statements, and false facts.

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Counseling and support services help people who have custody of children to learn skills about preventing child abuse.

Counseling teaches better ways to express anger and frustrations.

Counseling and support services for those who abuse and neglect children can be successful in most cases.

Uretsky Investigations can:

  • Investigate referrals of child abuse/neglect
  • Identify the risk factors (problems) that contributed to the abuse or neglect
  • Recommend appropriate services to reduce risks
  • Evaluate the success of intervention

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Uretsky Investigations has the experience and resources needed to locate witnesses to incidents for insurance or court proceedings.

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Court cases often require extensive pretrial research and preparation. Often, lawyers do not have the time to conduct the research and prepare documents required for trial.

Uretsky Investigations can assist your lawyer in all types of pretrial research and documentation.

If you are a defendant in a criminal case, Uretsky Investigations will work closely with your lawyer to prepare defenses for both state and federal misdemeanor or felony cases.

If you are the plaintiff in a civil case or the victim in a criminal case, Uretsky Investigations can assist you in trial preparation with witness statements, location of (hard-to-find) witnesses, background searches, expert witness recruitment and surveillance, both audio and visual.

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