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Domestic Issues

Sometimes it becomes necessary for one party to a future marriage to know something about the background or activities of the other party.

Uretsky Investigations can conduct a thorough investigation to determine and document the accuracy of suspicions or concerns about a future marriage partner.

Uretsky Investigations can conduct a marriage license check to determine if a potential spouse has been married previously or is currently married. We can also research for divorce records.

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Background and/or surveillance investigations are frequently necessary in domestic situations when it is required to check on the activities of spouses, teens or friends.

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In domestic situations it is often necessary to locate deadbeat dads/moms and find out how to place liens on their paycheck and assets.

Uretsky Investigations can do this for you.

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Uretsky Investigations knows how to determine the conditions and care of children, can locate the present whereabouts of children, and provide an in depth look at spousal behavior.

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In domestic divorce situations use of surveillance is often necessary to determine possible infidelity. Asset location is often required as well.

Uretsky Investigations has the experience to accomplish both of these services for you.

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Domestic abuse of spouses, children and relatives, especially older persons, is an unfortunate aspect of too many domestic situations.

Uretsky Investigations can investigate to determine if domestic abuse is actually occurring and if it is necessary to document who is being abused, who is the abuser and the nature of the abuse.

When appropriate, Uretsky Investigations can collect the facts and provide assistance in obtaining a temporary restraining oder.

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