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Accident Investigation

Uretsky Investigations can verify the accuracy and completeness of all types of accident and insurance claims supplied to insurance companies, businesses or lawyers.

The following services may also be required in an insurance investigation:

  • Determination if the claim is valid
  • Witness interviews
  • Take photographs of the the injury location
  • Determination if the claimant is adequately insured
  • Determine the actual nature of the injury
  • Compiling of accurate reports

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Requires knowledge of frequently encountered accident situations for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles.

Accident reconstruction often includes:

  • Skid mark and speed estimation
  • Speed/Time/Distance analysis
  • Yaw analysis
  • Photographs
  • Vehicle roll-over investigation
  • Low-speed impact analysis
  • Hydroplaning and asymmetric drag analysis
  • Issues about centerline crossings
  • Determination of state of vehicle lights
  • Crash analysis based upon speed and forces
  • Diagrams of accident analysis and accident reports

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In an accident, it is necessary to have accurate and complete statements from witnesses.

Uretsky Investigations can locate witnesses, take accurate witness statements that are acceptible to insurance companies, police and legal authorities. Bill Uretsky's step by step approach frequently gets information witnesses will not reveal on their own.

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A report about an accident that is legal, accurate, complete and to the point.

Accident reports are essential to clients, lawyers, juries and judges. They must be correct and done professionally.

Uretsky Investigations provides accurate, convincing and professional reports.

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