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General Investigation

Determining the whereabouts of persons who are missing or are trying to avoid you

Uretsky Investigations has the experience and the knowledge of the various procedures available to trace people who are missing or are deliberately avoiding you, including loved ones, run-aways, missing children and witnesses. We can also investigate to determine if the missing person has passed away.

Most missing persons can be located fairly easily. Computers, telephone records, and court records can provide great leads to almost anyone. Some missing persons don't even realize that they are "missing" and being sought, and are open to being found. In rare cases a person is missing because they don't want to be found and are trying to hide from someone.

Uretsky Investigations can come up with a workable plan to meet your needs.

Uretsky Investigations has a strict notification policy: If the person you wish to locate is found, they will be contacted prior to providing our clients with any information about the whereabouts of the subject. This policy has been implemented to protect both the privacy of the subject, and to prevent any criminal intent such as stalking. There are a few exceptions to this policy that include, for example, missing children and deadbeat parents. If the subject of our investigation gives his/her approval all investigative results will be provided to the client.

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Discreetly observing and recording the activities of persons to gather information

A competent, well-planned and executed videotaped surveillance can establish convincing evidence in an investigation, especially if court testimony is required. In such cases the surveillance must be done properly to avoid tort liability. Uretsky Investigations will not invade a person's privacy or harass the subject in any way.

Uretsky Investigations will provide an accurate and succinct report of all aspects of the surveillance.

The length of the surveillance and the costs involved will be discussed in advance with all clients before any action is taken in order to avoid unnecessary or unwarranted costs.

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Uretsky Investigations can investigate all types of personal fraud allegations and can help you locate those responsible and discover information necessary for recovery or criminal prosecution

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If you suffered an injury or your property has been damaged, Uretsky Investigations can investigate the situation and provide documentation that will be accepted by insurance agencies and courts of law.

Uretsky Investigations provides accurate, convincing and professional reports.

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Obtaining accurate and true information about people and businesses.

When it is important for you to know about the people and businesses that you are or may be associating with, a background investigation can eliminate many of the uncertainties and increase your confidence in making important decisions.

A Personal Background Investigation can help to determine the character and level of trust to be placed in a person.

A Business Background Investigation can provide information about a business in preparation for purchase, investment, competitor analysis or litigation. Due diligence background investigations can provide litigation histories, bankruptcy and tax liens, reputation in the community, banking relations and credit history.

Uretsky Investigations conducts background investigations on individuals, companies and organizations. We also conduct credible history and reputation checks.

A background investigation may be necessary when you:

  • Need to know if your client is being honest
  • Need to know if a potential new employee has been truthful in his/her interview
  • Need to know if the plaintiff in your case has something important to hide that you can use
  • Need to know if your witness' potential testimony is credible
  • Need to know if that house or business you are thinking of purchasing has a lien against it
  • Need to know the a judge's biases in previous similar cases
  • Need to know a jury member's past business affiliations

And this is only a partial list...

Our service may also include:

  • Education verification
  • Search of court records
  • Employment verification
  • Search for professional licenses held
  • DMV reports of DUI's, accidents, convictions
  • Credit status
  • Search for civil suits against the subject

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Determining if people or businesses have hidden assets or hidden transactions of assets.

When it is important for you to know if the people and businesses that you are associated with have used secretive means to hide assets from you, we have the investigative tools to assist you in their location. Uretsky Investigations will conduct a complete and discreet asset search of individuals and companies.

An asset search can be used to locate property records, real estate holdings, owner addresses, mailing addresses, descriptions of property uses, assessed property values, property improvement values, and total property values.

Uretsky Investigations has access to a wide range of sources to assist us in locating real property, bank accounts, business assets, personal property and other tangible assets. We know the many techniques used to hide assets. We understand how to interpret financial data.

Uretsky Investigations is familiar with judgment collection procedures and can assist you in the recovery of assets.

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Uretsky Investigations has the ability to locate people through a variety of public records and filings to determine their assets, ownership of property, location, previous lawsuits, false claims, etc.

Some of our resources include DMV, court records, National Inquiry System, Central Index Bureau, Telephone Reverse Directory, Business Information Records, Jewelers Board of Trade, National Insurance Crisis Bureau, Skip Trace Locates, Information America, and Property Insurance Loss Register.

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Concern for everyone's safety and privacy is of the utmost importance to Uretsky Investigations, and that is why we have this policy.

Finding someone who does not want to be found. When a client hires us to find a former childhood friend, parent, or other such person, we do not furnish any personal information or addresses until the subject of the investigation provides written permission to do so.
Uretsky Investigations can use a post office box or a social security number to establish a person's name and address, and can determine a name & phone number from a residential and/or business address. Uretsky Investigations has what it takes to get you the information you need

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